About Us

About Us

We are Aspinwall & Co. Ltd, one of the oldest commercial enterprises in the Malabar coast. The company was established in 1867 by the legendary English trader and visionary, John H. Aspinwall.


In 1956 Aspinwall became a public limited company and the Erstwhile Royal Family of Travancore acquired a small interest in the company. In the early ’70’s, when the English owners decided to disinvest, the Family took over a major portion of the company’s shareholding. They continue to hold the controlling interest till date.


Aspinwall & Co. Ltd have business presence in the areas of Logistics, Specialty coffee, Natural fiber products, Natural rubber and Healthcare.


We at, Aspinwall are committed to “Realizing your Aspirations” as we drive each of our activities with Enduring Trust and practice Resource Optimization to make Efficacious Delivery to all our stakeholders’ day after day.


Enduring trust – We put utmost thrust on the fundamental values of integrity, ethics and transparency that has been an integral part of our existence in business.


Resource optimization – In our constant endeavour to achieve value for the stakeholders we optimize management of all resources under our care to yield higher contributions.


Efficacious delivery – All our efforts are geared towards delivering high level of efficacy at all stages to achieve continuous delight for our customers.


COCO-OK is the latest offering from our stables. It is Virgin Coconut Oil, wet pressed from farm fresh coconuts using state of the art extraction process. We are proud to bring you VCO in the purest form, rich in natural flavour and aroma. Our manufacturing process ensures that all the nature’s goodness stays intact until COCO-OK reaches the customer.

Our Legacy

For centuries, Egyptians, Arabs and Europeans flocked to the shores of Kerala in search of spices and riches. Some of them plundered the hills and the plains, and went home wealthy. A few stayed back and nurtured the economy of the land. One such outstanding personality who made Cochin his home away from home was John H. Aspinwall.

In 1863, John H. Aspinwall was inducted as a partner into Scott Brothers. He acquired the business of Scott Brothers in 1867, and launched Aspinwall & Company, offering a range of shipping services, besides carrying on business in timber, spices and other agro products. J.H. Aspinwall expired in 1884, leaving the fortunes of his company in the capable hands of his partner, W.N. Black. Subsequently his brother, E.H. Black also joined the firm. The Black brothers consolidated and expanded the Aspinwall enterprise.

In 1956, Aspinwall became a public limited company with financial participation from the Erstwhile Travancore Royal family. When, in 1971, the English company offered to disinvest its holdings, the Travancore Royal family agreed to acquire the controlling shares in the group. With this regal association, the company acquired a character and personality of its own, with dynamism, integrity and customer focus as its distinct hallmark.