The Definitive Oil to a Healthy Diet; Virgin Coconut Oil

The Definitive Oil to a Healthy Diet; Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is increasingly considered as a superfood by many and for good reasons today. The fragrant, pure oil has a rare combination of fatty acids that provide positive effects on your health, such as boosting weight loss, heart health, brain function, vitality, etc.

Coco-Ok is a pioneer in finding the best ways to bring virgin coconut oil to the customers, the way mother-nature created it. Consumers across the world are satisfied with Coco-Ok virgin coconut oil and they never refused sending in their experiences and happiness across.

“I knew that virgin coconut oil is good for weight loss and maintaining body fat. However, I was searching for a genuine product that comes without any harmful additives. Coco-Ok’s virgin coconut oil is completely satisfactory and the product quality completely meets my expectations,” says Meera Lakshmi, a 40 year old body fitness trainer from Bangalore. She is a successful trainer with hundreds in numbers whom she helps maintain good health and fitness. “Good exercise and a healthy diet is what I always suggest to my trainees for a healthy life. And what could be better than switching to a healthy oil. Nowadays, I suggest Coco-Ok’s virgin coconut oil for cooking and it has shown amazing results,” she adds.

For those who are wondering about how virgin coconut oil could help reduce weight, here’s how. Virgin coconut oil has energy increasing abilities that helps burn fat, especially in the abdominal region. It also reduces appetite rates to avoid blind eating. Additionally, the healthy medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) in this high calorie oil do not circulate in the bloodstream. Instead, iteasily converts into energy thereby not resulting in storing up fat. Therefore, combined with a healthy diet and exercise it contributes directly to weight loss initiatives.

For others like Ashish Kunal, a 55 year old diabetic patient, Virgin coconut oil is a best remedy to control blood sugars as it enhances insulin secretion alongside suppressing insulin spike. Insulin resistant body cells force the pancreas to produce more insulin that results in an excessive level of the hormone in the body. “That’s too dangerous and I had gone through such situations many times before,” he says with a gasp.  Insulin resistance is a precursor to Type 2 diabetes, and as he said, it’s a concerning situation to anyone who goes through it. Virgin coconut oil, with its MCFAs, helpsto reduce strain on the pancreas by providing a reliable energy source that is free from blood glucose dependency. Mr. Kunal has been using Coco-Ok’s virgin coconut oil for a while and he is successfully fighting diabetes, putting it down effectively like never before.

The number of people recognizing the benefits of virgin coconut oil has been growing exponentially in the recent years. Today, there’s a large chunk of our healthy society happily adapting it into their daily diet. Such growth in virgin coconut oil usage also boosted Coco-Ok’s consumer community who were further looking for a quality product that preserves all natural essence it’s supposed to have. To that end, Coco-Ok has been continuously evolving with the latest technological advancements and techniques to meet its customer trust and wellbeing. It’s just not the elderly community that’s been embracing Coco-Ok’s virgin coconut oil. The positive news is that our younger community is also sensibly recognizing the good sides of natural foods including virgin coconut oil.

“Switching to virgin coconut oil for cooking has definitely helped me improve my athletic performance,” says Adithya Sarkar, a 21 year old athlete, specializing in gymnastics. “Beyond that, I also use Coco-Ok’s virgin coconut oil in my salads that add taste as well,” he supplements.

Virgin coconut oil has essential macronutrients needed to perform several bodily functions like assimilating fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin production, maintaining body temperature, and safeguarding vital organs. Besides, the fat in coconut oil brakes easily and gets converted to an instant source of energy for vitality and activeness. It also boosts energy, provides endurance, and enhances overall athletic performance making it athletes’, bodybuilders’, and weight watchers’ necessary food. “Being an athlete, it’s a blessing to being able to consume oil without any negative impacts. I believe that food is not tasty without oils,” states Adithya.

There’s more to it!

It also improves hormone and thyroid function. The MCFAs in virgin coconut oil accelerates metabolism, which increases energy and stimulates thyroid function. Virgin coconut oil also contain good amounts of lauric acid that plays a vital role in naturally balancing hormones. Luric acid also contributes immensely to human body mechanisms that increases estrogen levels, especially during menopause. “I was surprised when my doctor suggested to include virgin coconut oil in my diet. I was thinking about how a food item considered as cooking oil could cater to my hormonal challenges. But it is working fine with me,” postulates Sharmi Raj, a senior IT professional from south India. 

Gokul Ravindran’s story is different. He happily says that virgin coconut oil is miraculous in curing fungal infections like Candida.  It’s a fungal infection that causes contagions if it grows out of control or enters deep into the body to find its way into the bloodstream or internal organs like the kidney, heart, or brain. And the sad part is, some Candida types are resistant to antifungals and other medicines used to treat them. “I have tried many ways to get it under control in which I failed, at least on a long term basis. It’s lately that I came to know that virgin coconut oil is an effective medicine to fight yeast infections and Candida. Surprisingly, I could easily cure it within a short period of time using virgin coconut oil. Thanks to Coco-Ok for their natural product,” he puts forward.

Scientific studies show that capric acid and lauric acid effectively treats candida albicans and yeast infections. These two essential acids are sufficiently present in virgin coconut t oil. It also contains caprylic acid which has robust capabilities to fight harmful bacteria and wipe out Candida.

The good amount of lauric acid in virgin coconut oil also helps people maintain better heart health. Lauric acid reduces the total amount of bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol level which is essential for improved heart-health. “I just could not agree to my doctor when he said it’s okay to include oil in my diet,” says 70 year old Sarah Krishnan, a heart patient for the past 15 years. Studies have shown that cooking withvirgin coconut oil can help maintain healthy triglyceride levels, when included with healthy diets and exercise routines. This combination is best for maintaining a fully functional heart.

It increases your beauty too!!

“That’s right, it increases your skin beauty and hair health. Itis an excellent moisturizer for skin, prevents dryness, and helps maintain supple, soft skin as it has anti-bacterial capabilities,” says Gauthami Shinde, a well-established beautician from Mumbai. “However, make sure to buy oil from a producer who guarantees its natural ingredients not being ruptured. I use Coco-Ok’s oil to avoid controversies and other risks,” she adds.Virgin coconut oil as also an effective medicine to treat skin disorders like Eczema and Psoriasis, besides reducing inflammation and reducing skin itches. It is also used for baby massaging due to its strong anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, besides naturally curing nappy rashes without marks.

The bottomline

More than just being an oil for cooking, virgin coconut oil has evolved itself as an effective remedy for various ailments and a life changer to many. Besides adding flavor and variety to everybody’s diet, it’s a superfood as long as the fact remains that people should always consume oils and fats in moderation;appropriate to improve health.

Coco-Ok has been a key player in bringing its benefits to the world besides finding ways to preserve all that nature has gifted through this fruit called coconut. The company is among the very few which toils the length and breadth of cultivating best agro-products for consumers, not just in India, but across the globe.